Stud Service

Kaiser is an exceptional Rottweiler Stud in every way. 

What sets him apart from the rest is that he is part of our family and our #1 stud dog!  His personality is amazing.  He is trusted around our 5 young children totally!  At the same time if someone tried to harm one of us I have no doubt he would lay down his life to protect us! 

He has over 200 healthy beautiful puppies. 

He is very lovable, great tempered, gentle with first time females, healthy and has excellent hips.  He is the best mix of 75% German and 25% American bloodlines.  His father is imported from Germany. We breed for excellent temperament, conformation and health.

We understand the love you have for your female and we strive to make it a safe experience for her. 

Our breeding program is conducted indoors in our office/facility and we encourage you (the owner) to be present and assist during the process.  At no point will she be unattended.  There are too many things that can happen when 2 dogs are placed in a kennel to "do their thing"!  We will not risk Kaiser or your girl by doing that. 

For the apprehensive females or the "sitters" we offer Artificial Insemination. 

We have had very good success in this area.  There is no additional charge for this service.  Everything is sterile and we continue to keep the health and comfort of our stud dog and you female as our first priority.  You would be present and may assist in holding your female during this process as well.

We also offer support during the pregnancy and especially during the delivery!  Think of me as the "Doggy Mid-wife"!

Call us any time night or day if you have questions.  There are no dumb questions.  We do not claim to know everything but we do have a lot of experience.  If we do not know the answer we will do our best to research it.  I have been on the phone with people during their first time delivering puppies.  It is a beautiful experience.

Please Call 484-818-1635.  I will do my best to answer your questions!

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