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Our site was updated on May 10th, 2020!

WE HAVE 3 Blue boys and 1 silver/grey girl still available!  We are good friends with a family who also breeds Weim puppies!  Call ASAP, they were born May 2nd and are almost all sold!

We are currently accepting down deposits on Princess's future litter!!! (Due around September)!!!

Call now for more information
don't wait...They go very quickly!   

We are not a kennel!!!!!  We are a family that loves the Weimaraner breed and is committed to providing you with a well rounded, socialized, lovable, new addition to your family!

Our Silver/Gray and Blue Weimaraners are AKC Registered.  They live in our home with us and our family.  The puppies are born/raised in our home and receive a lot of attention from all of us.

There is a lot of extra effort which goes into raising our puppies, and it makes an incredible difference in the end.  Here is a look at what we do with each litter and with each puppy:

¨ We own both the Stud and the Female.  Right from the start, we have complete control over the breeding process.

¨ We make sure that the Stud and Female are fed a nutritious diet, and we ensure they are getting the proper amount of exercise.

¨  At 10 days before her delivery date, we Deworm the mother.  If any worms exist, this takes away the possibility of transferring any to the newborn puppies.

¨ We assist the mother when needed during the delivery.  Correy is right next to her at all times.  We make sure each puppy receives the immediate after-birth care and health check, including initial weight and puppy identification.

¨ In order to prevent suffocation, (usually at night when the mother accidentally lays on the puppy) Correy will sleep next to the mom and puppies.

¨ Our puppies are never left alone, one of us is with them at all times.

¨ The mother is given a diet which promotes a healthy recovery and helps to increase the milk production.

¨ The puppies are weighed daily and a supplemental feeding is given in order to prevent dehydration and to help get the puppy used to being held.  This is absolutely vital, and puppies without this human contact will show signs for years to come.  All of our children will help bottle feed the puppies during this stage.  This is a great way to get the puppies used to children.

¨ At three days old, the litter goes to our veterinarian for a complete physical evaluation, and to also have their tails docked and dew claws removed.

¨ From birth to about 4 weeks, their primary diet is their mother’s milk and the puppy formula we supplement them with.

¨ At about 4 weeks of age, we slowly introduce the solid foods which consists of a custom diet, high in protein, and vitamins.  Their mother’s milk and puppy formula will begin to taper down as we  transition them over.  THIS IS A CRUCIAL STAGE:  Not all puppies will respond to solid food at the same pace.  We feed them at the same times throughout the day, and each one has their own bowl.  This is the only way to monitor how much each puppy eats.  Puppies which do not receive this individual attention, can fall behind in weight and also dehydrate, which is very dangerous.  When a puppy dehydrates, they can die, but for the ones which live, dehydration can retard them not only physically, but worse mentally they can suffer permanent damage.  That is why we take so much effort to make sure they are all eating and drinking correctly.  We weigh the puppies right up through their final Veterinary Check up.

¨ Just before we release the puppies to their new owners, we take them to our veterinarian again for another complete medical and physical evaluation.  They will receive their health certificate which will list and indicate all of the examination details.  Each puppy must pass their medical exam before we will release them to their new homes.

¨ After our puppies leave and they become yours, we offer lifetime support, we love to hear updates, and we consider you part of our extended family—we really mean that.  After your puppy grows up, should you decide to breed, we will do everything we can to help you through one of the most beautiful experiences you could imagine.

Please enjoy the pictures below of our previous litters.

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