Schwartz Family Weimaraners
Lebanon, PA
Thomas Schwartz 717-639-8607

There are many stories and pictures.  We enjoy keeping in touch with the families that have our puppies.


Arnold (Silver/Gray) is a part of our family.  He does not believe he is a "dog" he believes he is a person!  He has proven himself to be an incredible stud dog.  Two of his litters have had 14 healthy puppies!!  His lowest litter was 8 healthy puppies.  He has a wonderful temperament and loves people.  We personally believe the temperament of the parents play a big part in the temperament of the puppies.  Our customers have been really happy with his performance, and with the way we conduct the breeding process.  Our breeding takes place indoors, while under our constant supervision and assistance.  We are experienced Breeders.  First time "moms" are our specialty.  We take our time and make sure Arnold and the female are safe at all times.  Our stud fee is structured to be fair to everyone. 

Please call 717-639-8607 for details and availability.


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