Schwartz Family Weimaraners
Lebanon, PA
Thomas Schwartz 717-639-8607 

Don't wait they will go very fast! 
The order that you will choose your puppy at 8 weeks will go by the order that the deposits are recieved.  If you are first to put down a deposit you will be first to choose your puppy and so on...

The best way to secure your puppy is to pay the deposit using Pay Pal.  You do not need a Pay Pal account to pay this way it is very simple!  Just contact me and I will email you an invoice!

Saphire is a Blue Weimaraner.  She is very sweet and lovable as you can see!  She loves to run but she is also easily talked into a snug on the couch!  She loves to do be next to us and do whatever we are doing. 

Arnold is a Silver/Gray Weimaraner.  He is very special.  He loves to play but knows when to calm down.  For those of you that have Weims you know these are important qualities!!

These puppies are from a previous litter.  The one on the left is a Blue and the one on the right is a Silver/Gray!
They are not available.  This is just to show the different colors.

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