Schwartz Family Weimaraners
Lebanon, PA
Thomas Schwartz 717-639-8607

Bella (Silver-Gray) is like one of the kids!  She loves to play!  Her favorite game is “pully-pully” with the rope toys.  She loves to snug and will sleep right next to us with her head on the pillow.  She is always very eager to “alert” or “point” when birds are present.  It is really neat to see the way Weimaraners will “point” when out hunting or walking through the fields for exercise.  Weimaraners can make great hunting companions.  Our son asked when he was younger "do they turn around real quick and point their tail at what they want you to see"?  He is older now and would probably be embarrassed if he knew I wrote this but it is such a cute story!!!

Savanah (Blue) She is very sweet and gentle!  She is a beautiful color blue.  Savanah is also Saphire’s Mom.  She is an excellent watch dog, and she alerts us the second someone comes onto the property.

Saphire (Blue) loves to Run, Run, and then Run some more.  Anything with exercise and fitness, is what she loves!!!  She does not have that “crazy energy” where some dogs are just “off the wall” but she loves to play with our children.

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