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Lebanon, PA
Correy Schwartz    484-818-1635

~Website updated  January 20, 2017~


Watch for updates and baby pictures on our facebook page Schwartz-Family Rottweilers.  If you have already placed a deposit you can look forward to watching your new family member grow up!

Please call 484-818-1635 to find out how to secure your puppy today!

We believe that raising the puppies in our home with our 5 children, cats, and other dogs gives them a great start at being well socialized!

Please visit our Guest Book and read about other family's experiences with us!  We love to keep in touch with people and hear how the puppies are doing as they grow up.  I can not explain how excited our whole family gets when we get an update or when someone posts a picture on facebook!  Our Photo Page has many of our previous puppies throughout the years with their new families.

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Schwartz-family Rottweilers 
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We are not your typical kennel.....We are a family that loves the breed and is committed to providing you with a well rounded, socialized, lovable
new addition to your family! 

Our Rottweilers are AKC registered.
  They are a mix of German and American bloodlines (mostly German).  We have 5 young children of our own so we know how important it is to have Rottweilers with great temperaments.  We raised our Rottweilers from the time they were puppies and they are great with everyone, including other animals.  

What you can expect when you purchase a puppy from Schwartz Family Rottweilers...

The puppies are born and raised in our home.  They get a lot of attention and love from everybody including our 5 children ages 10-17!  The puppies are part of our family until they join their new families!

Their dew claws  are removed and tails are docked between 3-5 days old.  They will visit the vet at 7 weeks old for a thorough check up and will receive their health certificates.  The puppies will all be up to date with their shots and dewormed before going to their new homes.  I bathe them and clip their nails regularly to get them used to it.  That way it makes it easier for you when they are all grown up!
If you place a deposit on a puppy from us you will receive pictures of the puppies from birth until they go to their new homes!  We try very hard to do all the special things we would like if we were purchasing a puppy!

Kaiser (below) is our exceptional stud dog.
We got Kaiser when he was 8 weeks old.  His father was imported from Germany.  He has an awesome temperament!  It was important to us that we knew everything about our stud dogs past and how he was raised!  He is perfect...He produces beautiful puppies and is awesome with our children.  He is very lovable, gentle, and loyal.  He is well socialized and loves to meet new people.  He is very obedient, calm, and gentle during the breeding process.
What you can expect when you breed your female with our Kaiser...
Our breeding process takes place indoors and is assisted and supervised at all times.  I ask that you take part (if you would like to) so that your female is more comfortable.  At no time will she be left unattended!!!  We are very experienced with first females.  I also offer Artificial insemination (A.I.) for the females that are a little apprehensive.   I believe in taking my time and making it a safe and productive experience for everyone! 
If you would like to meet Kaiser please call 484-818-1635 to set up a time. 
Ask for Mike!

Heidi (below) 
is very special.   
She is our first Rotty and will always have that special place in our hearts!  She loves spending time with our children.  Our 7 year old Mika thinks she makes a comfy pillow!

Zena (below)
She is from our first litter that we raised and we decided to keep her because she was so beautiful!!  She is like our 6th child!!  She is very alert and protective yet loves to snug with the kids and get her belly rubbed.

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