Schwartz Family Rottweilers

Lebanon, PA 

Correy Schwartz    484-818-1635

 Why choose a Rottweiler?  For our family it was an obvious choice!  I always wanted a Rotty growing up.  Their loyalty and devotion is one of a kind!  Their presence is enough to make someone with bad intentions think twice!  The bad guy doesn't need to know that your Rotty is simply an oversized lay dog!!

  When you purchase a puppy from us...
You are Part of our family!  If you ever have any
questions or concerns please call and I will help however I can! 
If something changes and you can no longer keep your puppy/dog please contact me.  Sometimes I may be able to connect you and a potential new owner. 
Your puppy has a forever home with us!  That is our way of keeping our extended family from ever having to worry about being placed in the pound or a rescue!


Zena with a previous litter just minutes old!

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